HELEN LEVI - BROOKLYN, NY November 20 2014

Almost two years ago Helen Levi introduced herself, I took one look at her work and it resonated immediately. We decided to work together. I think I was her second wholesale account or maybe first five.

I wanted to take a minute to write a little bit about our connection with Helen and if you aren't much of a reader, skip down to the pictures below. Britton took some photographs of Helen's pottery studio when we were in Brooklyn in the spring. Since March, we've been saving the photos to release when we were back in stock on her goods.  Well, we are back in stock (but not for long!). Shop the collection here.


Helen's aesthetic is grounded in the contrast in settings of her past. She grew up between the chic and modern city of Manhattan, and a rustic country residence in rural New York. The polarities come through in her work, for example, perhaps in her decision to juxtapose clean simple glazes with dark brown rustic clay, contrasting tones and colors, or giving sleek glazes an organic drippy effect on a modern silhouette.  

Similarly, when folks ask about the aesthetic of Half Hitch Goods, I always try to describe it. Essentially, it's all about the tension between polarities that we are drawn to with the Half Hitch look. Anytime you mix: rustic with clean, modern and vintage, bright and dull. You have a tension that is magnetic. That is the "je ne sais quoi" that Helen's ceramics embody as well. Usually we attain this through our mix of goods, but in regards to Helen, her ceramics are a total embodiment of that which is "Half Hitch". 

Expect The Unexpected

No two pieces are alike, in fact Helen is not interested in replicating things, or repeating, or even attaining perfection. We share the love of that distance from perfection. It is easy for us to embrace, as it's more natural for all of us.

An Every Day Art

Ceramics are an art with purpose, instead of being conceptual, her pieces are more physical. Less about the idea of the art and more about the process, and the physics of the finished product. I love to think of Helen Levi Pottery as an art frozen in time and artful things you are meant to live with.

All of our pieces by Helen Levi have been made individually by Helen, and most of them were co-designed. We work together on dreaming up functional and emotional pieces that you'll find useful in your daily your life. Embrace and treasure the lack of precision in Helen's pieces and in your life. See the collection here.

Popcorn Party November 20 2014

Entertaining is always something we wish we could do more of. When budget and time are an issue, try making a simple duo of sweet and salty popcorn for your guests and build out a little easy snack spread. It's simple, inexpensive, not to mention delicious. We made two kinds of popcorn for a "Lady Shop Owners Social" we hosted the other night: Salted Caramel and Parmesan Truffle Oil. Here's what you'll need and how to do it.

The Basics
The Extras
  • Truffle Oil (if you prefer savory with a little finely grated parmesan)
  • Caramel Sauce (if you go the sweet route, even add a little bit of vanilla salt)
Melt the coconut oil in the pot on medium heat and add desired amount of kernels (I found that just 1/2 of kernels yields about 6-8 cups of popcorn) and place lid on the pot. Shake the pot occasionally to keep the kernels from burning. Once the popping starts, continue to shake occasionally to keep the unpopped kernels at the bottom of the pot and prevent burning. Turn out the hot popcorn (be careful not to steam or oil burn your hands) into the large glass bowl. Drizzle, sprinkle, and stir in your accoutrement. EAT!


Trunk Show X Young In The Mountains November 12 2014

Two Year Anniversary Promotion October 30 2014

Hey everyone, it's been a wild last couple of years! Thanks for joining us on this crazy journey while we find the most high quality products, grounded in stories and meaning. Today only (Thursday 10/30) take 20% off all orders over $100 with code CHEERS2YEARS. Don't delay or we might run out of what you are eyeing!

Trunk Show X Ella Lou October 21 2014

Non-Perishable Goods - Portland, OR October 16 2014

It was the tail end of the summer, and we were dying to hit the road again. We headed north until we got to Portland and paid a visit to one of our design partners Shay Carrillo and Elizabeth Baena of Non-Perishable Goods

Arriving, we noticed an amazing vintage Dodge van in the driveway with total #campvibes and we knew we were in the right place. We went around the side of Shay's home to the back to discover a little green oasis and a perfect little garden party was all set up and waiting for us. Fresh figs that matched back to the olive green linens with Stumptown cold brew and gluten-free pastries. So impressed with the presentation and company, we sat and instantly connected.  Having all lived in San Francisco at one point, we had a lot in common. We discussed our mutual love for beautiful, hand crafted things, and told stories of how we came to do what we love, and love what we do. I learned about how the two partners met, and about their shared love for indigenous craft and U.S. made items as well. Shay and Elizabeth blend their efforts, passions and sensibilities to come up with NPG, their textile and design company.

Inspired by their energy, knowledge and journey. Here is a glimpse at their garden workspace below. Shop our collection of their cocktail napkins and everyday napkins as well as children's crayon wallets. Also, (at the very bottom...) see our recent feature with their cocktail napkins in the new Gluten Free Forever Magazine.


The Northern Sky // Britton Caillouette October 15 2014

I guess you could say it is sort of a myth that Britton and I work together on Half Hitch Goods. My husband and by default, silent partner (Britton Caillouette) is my photographer for most of what you see on our Journal here and he certainly offers daily help, opinions and support with the business. But Britton is actually also a film director. Here is his most recent release that I thought might get us all ready to ride the mountains this winter. The short film is called The Northern Sky. It is described as "...An intimate, raw and unique look inside the mind of snowboarder, shaper, and surfer, Taro Tamai. It’s a movie that snowboarders, surfers, and anyone with a work ethic alike can enjoy and appreciate."

Brit is known for his intimate portraiture and documentary style approach to filmmaking. He made a critically acclaimed film called Sliding Liberia, a few years ago with Nicholai Lidow. The film is nearly impossible to obtain a hard copy of, but if you can view, is amazing. He's always stewing on many creative ideas but currently is working as a commercial director signed with Farm League. It seems odd to post this about him, maybe boastful and not humble. But sometimes I'm so proud of his beautiful work that it seems so selfish not to share it. Known for going to the belly of the beast, to deep parts of the world that are rarely photographed, it seems most relevant to explore his work today in light of all of the war, disease and unease that the world is facing at the moment.

From our family to yours, enjoy! 

THE NORTHERN SKY from Farm League on Vimeo.

Furoshiki Gift Wrap October 03 2014

Often we find a gorgeous scrap of fabric or a printed tea towel that is perfect to use as a "furoshiki" or Japanese fabric gift wrap. Furoshiki is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to transport clothing and gifts.  In the old days, Japanese people would wrap their belongings in a furoshiki at the baths in order to keep from mixing up eachother's clothing. Ultimately the technique of folding things in cloth was used amongst traders to keep order with goods and gifts while on the move.

Seems like a perfect symbolic wrap for a Half Hitch Goods gift, doesn't it?

To show you how we do it, we snapped some of our own casual shots of the furoshiki method. You know who specializes in this and is on a mission to eliminate single use plastics using classic furoshiki wraps instead? Molly de Vries of Ambatalia. She sells beautiful and sustainably produced textiles and is pioneering a new, old way of living without the use of plastics in her life. As she moves toward a "non-disposable life" she offers simple, beautiful products that function in your home to help you do that. We also offer some beautiful tea towels here and here that can help you execute this kind of wrap and also promote a non-disposable life. If you'd like furoshiki wrap on your purchase, just select "gift wrap" at checkout and add to the notes section "furoshiki" and we will be sure to make it happen.

Wild Sage Honey: A Feast For The Face September 24 2014

We know you are all wild about our Wild Sage Honey. Add it to your tea, greek yoghurt, substitute it for sugar in baking, even eat it on a spoon. What you may not know is that it is very beneficial to add to your facial skincare regiment and we have been feeling like it might be selfish of us not to share what we are doing with our generous 3 lb bottle. 

Try this:
Cleanse your entire face and neck, pat dry, and apply a thin layer of raw and unheated honey to your face, eye area, and neck with clean fingers. Let it be for at least 20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. Moisturize as usual. Do this a few times a week.

Benefits of this practice:
- Is an antioxidant so it neutralizes free radicals promoting healthy skin and is anti-aging
-Is very hydrating to it can improve elasticity and texture of the skin as well as give you "that glow"
-Can also clarify pores because it opens them up making it easy to clean them out
-Is an anti-irritant/anti-inflammatory so it is very soothing on sensitive skin
-Was used in ancient times as a wound dressing to promote healing and prevent infection because it has natural anti microbial properties
-Has antibacterial properties that speed up healing of wounds including acne. A recent study found that the chemical makeup of honey has high osmolality. This means that the sugars interact with water in such a way that microorganisms can not develop. Also, when its sugars come into contact with fluids that weep from sores, hydrogen peroxide is chemically produced which can provide antibacterial benefits and speed healing.
Well, it sounds too good to be true but just try it a few days a week and see how it goes, if you need a good raw, unheated honey we recommend ours. The cat is out of the bag.


9.27.14 Half Hitch Goods X Hook Fish Co. At Proof Lab September 24 2014

Haus Of Half Hitch August 29 2014

During the month of July we hosted a fantastic pop up in Hayes Valley SF along with our partners at Metier SF, Emily Proud Watercolor Paintings, and The Podolls apparel.  Peek at some photos below and don't miss our extensive press to see what all the buzz was about.

Apartment 34 // Spotted SF // The Coveted // //7x7 Magazine // Sacramento Street //The San Francisco Chronicle // Hoodline

Original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick; portrait by Lisa for The Coveted


On a recent trip to Brooklyn we stopped in for a visit with one of our favorite partners: Mast Brother's Chocolate.

Two boys from the midwest living in Brooklyn began experimenting with chocolate making in their shared apartment years ago. Slowly producing and testing small batches, they gained a dedicated following of family and friends, and they finally quit their jobs to go into business together launching what is one of the worlds first premium craft chocolate brands sourcing directly from farmers and roasting right in NY. Today their handmade, bean-to-bar chocolate is revered by chefs including Dan Barber and Thomas Keller for its purity and elegant tasting notes.  

At the forefront of the American craft chocolate movement the mast brothers made headlines when they sailed twenty metric tons of cacao beans harvested in the Dominican Republic to New York in a three masted schooner sailboat. It was the first commercial import by schooner to the Port of NY since 1939.

When we visited their pristine facility, this is what we saw through our lens.  Photos by Britton Caillouette.

Just for fun, we sent our Brooklyn design partners Anne McClain of MCMC Fragrances and Jennifer Sarkilahti of Odette NY blank white Mast Brothers chocolate bars as part of the "Sketchbook Project". I thought it would be cool to see what these two creatives would do if given the chance to design their own wrapper for their neighboring chocolate company. They were inspired by their talented studio neighbor Helen Dealtry who designs water color inspired textiles. What do you think?  Pretty pretty, huh?

Peep A Couple Of Our Favorite Maker Moms on MOTHER MAG August 22 2014

We always aim to use our blog to help you to get to know our makers a little better.  When you hear the story behind the product and who produces it, it makes our things that much more special and deepens the meaning. This makes things more than things.  They are a giving of the person who made it, and ... well, you if you choose carefully. So the newly launched Mother Mag has highlighted a couple of our favorite mom, makers who we collaborate with here at Half Hitch Goods and we want to be sure you check out their story (click through on their names below to see the slideshow on interview Mother Mag).

Jen Garrido, painter, textile designer, mother, pro thrifter.


Jess Brown, our rag doll maker, clothing designer, mama, beach fiend. 


Sean Woolsey - Costa Mesa, CA June 03 2014

Sean is a talented wood worker and fine artist with a keen eye for innovative furniture design. We met him through the van community. His Instagram feed went wild as he was an early adopter and was taking a trip around the U.S. in his Volkswagen Vanagon seeking some inspiration. Turns out we had some things in common; not just on the van front, but he lives in our home town!  Recently he made us some special Tricuterie Cutting Boards, we picked them up in person and snapped some good shots of his workspace. With graduations happening all over the place, Sean seems like a great person to feature, who has been living and working from his heart. Also, with Father's Day coming up, it seems only proper to showcase a drool-worthy workbench setup. {Check out a few other meticulously hand made one-of-a-kind pieces by Sean that we have in store: Walnut Serve Board, Maple & Walnut Serve Board}.

Half Hitch X Scribe Winery X Helen Levi May 19 2014

For a special Memorial Day weekend pop up (this Saturday-Monday), we will be offering a limited number of these beautiful, exclusive Helen Levi wine tumblers made of brown clay with white glaze. Be there, or be square!

Honoring New Moms: Anne McClain & Jennifer Sarkilahti April 23 2014

Every year we take a trip to New York in the spring to catch up with our artist partners out East. This April we visited Anne McClain of MCMC Fragrances and her studio mate and friend Jennifer Sarkilahti of Odette New York. Both of them have been made mothers since our last visit. In honor of Mother's Day this year, we were dying to meet their babies, see them in motherly action. Here are the beautiful photos that Brit captured on our play date at the park with studio mates and babies Kairo and Luca.  We also asked them about how creativity, routine, life, and work has changed since motherhood. Read the interview below our photography.


Interview: Anne McClain of MCMC Fragrances

How many moms do you share your Dobbin St. studio with and how many have had kiddos in the last two years?  

The Dobbin Mews now has five moms and six babies. All of the babies are under two years old. Actually, five of them are under one (Kairo turns 1 on May 7th)!  When I moved into this space three years ago having a baby was so far from my mind but now I can't imagine not having this community.

How has the studio vibe changed since all these recent births?

Our schedules are certainly different. I used to come in around 11am and stay until well after dark. Now I'm in at 9:30am and go home promptly at 4:30pm. We have chats throughout the day about what's going on with our babies - are they sleeping, how much are they eating, have the started walking. The moms understand each other and we cover for each other when we need to. 

What does Kairo like to do in the studio and can you get anything done with them in there?

I actually find I can't get anything done with Kairo at the studio! I like when he comes and visits though so on days my husband has him they'll drop by. When it's nice out, the park is just a couple of blocks away so sometimes we meet up for a mid-day visit too.

How do you organize your day?

I wake up way too early for my liking and spend an hour or two playing with Kairo and getting us ready for the day before our nanny arrives at 9am. Then I walk to the studio and work. I've become more efficient at work now and have had to cut out some projects. I tend to like to take on everything but these days I know I can't do it all. At 4:30pm I wrap it up here and usually stop by the grocery store quickly for some food. Kairo eats three solid meals a day now so it's fun thinking of new things to feed him. We have a rooftop garden and now that the weather is nicer we can play outside for a bit before bath and bedtime at 8pm. Then my husband and I try to watch something funny to unwind from our busy days- we just started Silicon Valley and it's hilarious. 

What’s the most challenging part of running MCMC and being a mom to Kairo?

Before I had Kairo, my mentality was that owning your business meant working around the clock nearly seven days a week and saying yes to every opportunity that came along. The challenge for me has been to learn how to balance my ambition and passion for MCMC with creating a regular schedule and routine for Kairo. I love being home with him and seeing how much he changes and learns every day, and I'm learning how to put my work completely aside during that time.

What fragrances were you wearing in your first year of motherhood?  Any strong memories associated with those fragrances?

The first three months or so after Kairo was born I was so careful not to wear any fragrance. He seemed so delicate and fragile. After he bulked up and I became less afraid of having this tiny guy in my life, I started to wear my fragrances again and I think he probably knows me by the way I smell when I come from the studio. In January, when he was nine months old, we decided to spend a month in Hawaii and I wore Maui while we were there. That scent will always remind me of that special time.

What kind of advise do you have for female entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting a family?

Just do it. There's nothing like being a mama. You will think your baby is the sweetest, more beautiful thing in the world, and you'll learn a new kind of love.

How would you spend your dream Mother's Day?

Sleeping in.


Interview: Jennifer Sarkilahti of Odette 

Where do you find inspiration for your work and how have you noticed your inspiration change since Luca?

I have always found inspiration in many different places. I love to travel, visit museums, read books, view art, etc. Since Luca was born, I haven’t traveled as much or been to museums lately but I’ve been sketching a lot and experimenting more in the studio.

What’s the biggest change you’ve experienced before and after having a Luca?

Before he was born, I had a tendency to work long hours and now my time has to be more focused. When I am in the studio, I need to be much more productive and when I’m with Luca, I want to try to be present in that moment. They grow up so fast!

What is you favorite spot you like to go with Luca?

We haven’t had a chance to explore much yet since we had such a brutal winter in NYC, but now that it’s warming up I like carrying him in a wrap or the ergo and walking around the neighborhood. We live on a park so we do a lot of park strolls.

What are some Odette pieces you have been loving recently since Luca's arrival?

I’m having a tiny gold earring revival. I just finished some new studs I designed specifically for multi-pierced ears so I’ve been wearing them a lot lately. Plus, they tend to be more baby-friendly than anything with dangly bits.

What is the first trip you'd like to take with Luca?

We’re still deciding on our first big trip with Luca but a few places on our dream list are Paris, Italy, Greece, and Tokyo.

What is your favorite baby gift you were given for Luca?

My friend Jenny of Wiksten knitted the most beautiful grey sweater for Luca. He wore it nearly every day this past winter. I’m going to dress up one of his teddy bears in it when he finally outgrows it.   

Tell us about your favorite thing to do when you have time alone? 

These days even just the basics like taking a bath, having a glass of wine and reading a magazine are a bit of a luxury.

How would you spend your dream Mother's Day?

I would love a picnic in the park with my boys. 

Trunk Show: Georgette Crimson April 22 2014

We are excited to announce our next trunk show this Sunday 4/27 at Proxy in Hayes Valley, SF for a special showcase of our Goods, along with Georgette Crimson. The clothing designer, Tina Reith will be with us, debuting her new Sp/Su '14 capsule clothing collection. Inspired by Sergio Leone's Spaghetti westerns, each piece in the Georgette Crimson line is made in the USA, with the finest quality and a focus on playful sophistication and feminine elegance. Please join us, 11-5pm this Sunday 4/27! 
(Look for our Rolling Shoppe @ Octavia St. & Hayes St.)

Half Hitch Goods Rolling Shoppe X Proof Lab April 14 2014

We are excited to announce that our Rolling Shoppe will be hitching up this Saturday at Proof Lab just north of San Francisco in Mill Valley {244 Shoreline Hwy, Mill Valley, CA 94941} 10 am - 6 pm. Please spread the word and come check out what is new on our truck for last minute Easter basket treats and early shopping for Mother's Day delights.

Visit Us @ Parachute Market in Los Angeles March 19 2014

Please visit our Rolling Shoppe at "Parachute Market" in Los Angeles this weekend March 22nd and 23rd from Noon - 7PM.  A seasonal design fair in LA hosting emerging and established artists, collectors and designers. This time, the third of it's kind, we will be exploring the theme of light via art installations and products etc.  Half Hitch Goods will attend by way of our Rolling Shoppe for our LA debut!  For more information about the Parachute Market design fair see here.  Buy tickets online in advance here.  

405 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013


Video: Helen Levi, Brooklyn March 19 2014

Our ceramicist and friend, Helen Levi was featured on Cool Hunting with a really great video.  She not only shows us how to throw a large ceramic piece, but she also talks about her background and specifically how freeing it is to make something that would feel good in the hand and be lasting.  Check out our exclusive ceramic pieces made by Helen just for Half Hitch Goods: Perfect Tumbler, Contrast Mug, Graphic Tech Clutch with custom adornment by Helen Levi.

Kinfolk Features Dandelion Chocolate Cafe March 17 2014

Our very own Dandelion Chocolate was recently featured on Kinfolk Magazine's city guide. Check it out and if you are in S.F. their factory and coffee shop is a must see, serving up rich mochas along side scrumptious confections.

Of course in the mean time you can purchase their coveted small batch bars individually on our website straight to your doorstep. We certainly are proud stockists because these days you will be hard pressed to find these complex chocolates elsewhere due to the limited run and very handcrafted process.  

{Lovely photography below borrowed from Kinfolk Online by Joanna Hun}.

The Making Of Our Rolling Shoppe February 17 2014

In 2012 when we came across this unique VW Vanagon Transporter "Doka" had no idea what it would take to built it into a shoppe-on-wheels. Working closely with metal ninja Keith Lang of Rasco Hayward, we came up with a unique and sturdy design with shelving and storage, that wouldn't alter the body of the truck permanently in any way.

The buildout was an organic process, involving a lot of trips out to Hayward to sculpt the final product.  I owe it to Keith for thinking up all kinds of creative solutions and design ideas, and for having the courage to take on a totally new type of project. He dove in with me head first.

Below are some images by Britton Caillouette, capturing Keith and me in his shop yard working out the kinks, smoothing welds, and tightening up the rig. 


The Launch Of Our Rolling Shoppe February 02 2014

Well, we finally did it!  After one year in the making we launched our Rolling Shoppe out of our Volkswagen Vanagon Truck.  All shiny and new she premiered at the Bluxome Street Winery in SF and then went on to settle into a few weeks at PROXY in Hayes Valley where we showcased our collection for a few weeks wrapping Christmas gifts like crazy!  In that time we met Leslie Santarina of Spotted SF and she took some great images for her blog.  Photos below and her write up here.  {All photos by Leslie Santarina borrowed with permission, all rights reserved}.  Our list of up-coming events can be found here, and we will be adding to it all the time.  We are jumping out of our skin with excitement to see what 2014 will bring with our new venue for taking our products near and far.


The Perfect Match - Valentine's Day Trunk Show 2014 January 29 2014

UPDATED : Due To Rain we are rescheduling this show for thursday & friday this week {2/13-2/14} 

We are excited to be hosting a trunk show on our Rolling Shoppe on 2/8 & 2/9 with designer Christine Trac of Abacus Row Jewelry in our home town of San Francisco.  Please come, meet Christine, and enjoy sweet treats on us while you shop fine handmade things for your lover.  

Mendocino in 15 Photographs January 14 2014

Though we love a good long distance road trip, admittedly some of the most scenic views and stunning settings exist right on our very own Northern California coast.  In 15 photographs taken by Brit on his vintage Leica M5 we hope to show off our backyard for once.  Come on out and see it for yourself and stay in one of the quant Bed and Breakfasts in the town of Mendocino to discover the outdoorsy hikes including the Pygmy Forest, shopping handmade local goods, and of course ... the people watching is quite fun.  For us this was more of an inspiration trip than a buying trip so we hope to inspire you as well.  You can practically smell the salty air.

Half Hitch Rolling Shoppe December 29 2013

Well folks, the road met the rubber, and also a vintage rare truck outfitted with some custom walnut wood shelving nestled in pristine white metal frames.

Starting in this December, we took our online shop on the road selling our curated assortment of gifts, necessities and provisions from our 1985 VW Vanagon Doka T3 Transporter.  More details and photos to come on the buildout process.


Festive Collective - Freda Salvador Pop Up 12/13 - 12/14 December 10 2013

Visit us this Friday 12/13 and Saturday 12/14 at the Freda Salvador Flagship Store on Union Street for a holiday shopping experience in San Francisco!  11 AM - 6 PM

Goody Goody Gift Swap November 26 2013

We are loving this great holiday gift swap concept.  Please consider joining, we did!  It is a gift exchange for creatives meant to pull us away from our devices and technology for a minute and help us connect & receive physical homemade, thoughtful or inspiring objects.  Sign up and pass it on!

The Hill-Side Joy Ride - Modified Herringbone Fabric November 15 2013

Sandy & Emil Corsillo went on a joy ride to slow things down.  They drove down to Virginia to meet up with Bob the weaver and explore the making of their Modified Herringbone Fabric used in this beautiful scarf.  Check out their journey in the below video.


Sweet & Spark Contest November 12 2013

Our friends over at Sweet & Spark are celebrating their first anniversary, we are helping them celebrate by pitching into their contest on Facebook.  They are giving away a bundle of great items from some great new companies including our MCMC Perfume Oil and a $50 gift card to their own site which showcases a curated collection of vintage jewelry from the 1940's-90's.  Check out their great pieces and click on the flyer below and enter to win (ends monday 11/25/2013 so hurry)!

The Hill-Side Old Virginia Modified Herringbone Scarf November 06 2013

One of the new winter scarves in our collection by The Hill-Side this holiday season is the "Old Virginia Modified Herringbone" pattern created by "Bob the weaver" in his backyard on a Crompton & Knowles shuttle loom that dates back to the late 1930's.  Bob's family has been weaving fabric in Virginia since the 1870s and he invented this complex pattern himself.  We hope you appreciate it as much as we do and please enjoy the story in this clip. 

Fall/Winter The Hill-Side Collection Has Arrived October 23 2013

Today we are excited to introduce our Autumn/Winter assortment of The Hill-Side scarves to our site.  We honed in on a navy and forest green trend and we think you will love these as great unisex scarves to keep you warm this holiday season.

Below are some great photos from the newly released The Hill-Side lookbook titled "Twelve Brooklyn Apartments" which was shot by photographer "Backyard Bill" featuring shots of their textiles across 12 apartments in Brooklyn incorporating the personalities of the people who live there through their furnishings and personal items that you see integrated in the photography.  The lookbook gives a light-hearted look at the new collection in its natural environment. 

Old Virginia Modified Herringbone Stripe Scarf

Diamond Quilted Gauze Stripe Scarf

Border Stripe Flannel Scarf

Asagi Turquoise Chambray Scarf

Gifting Can Actually Make You Happier October 21 2013

After attending Brit Morin's Re:Make conference a few weeks ago, one of the speakers, Kacie Hultgren mentioned that she heard someone say that being generous and gift giving actually can enhance one's mood and happiness.  Well, that resonated with me.  As a seasoned gift giver and the owner of a mail order gift boutique, I did a little bit of digging into this topic.  I found that about four months ago the Harvard Business Review posted an interesting article written by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton, where they dug into the topic of generosity by doing a series of small experiments and short-term studies. They found that while money does not necessarily buy happiness, "modest forms of generosity can make us happy" and that "spending even a few dollars on someone else can trigger a boost in happiness".  I wanted to jump up and down for joy reading this, as this is one reason I dreamt up Half Hitch Goods: Spread the happiness that I feel when I have found someone the perfect little gift.  So take a few minutes to gift someone something, because "spending even a few dollars on someone else can trigger a boost in happiness".  Odds are, you won't regret it, in fact, it will make you feel good.


Photo by Front & Main

Kinfolk Flower Potluck October 15 2013

After returning from a short weekend trip to Boulder, Colorado we found so much inspiration in the turning leaves of fall. Here is a great idea to host a flower potluck and share seasonal branches you find or pick up at the market.  If everyone brings something fresh, seasonal and interesting, and then when you share the bundles, everyone goes home with something beautiful.  Even better, lift your spirits by giving your bouquet away to brighten someone's day. 

Trunk Show 10/5 @ Re:Make October 01 2013

Come on out and shop the artisan market at the Fort Mason Pavilion in San Francisco this Saturday October 5th for an event hosted by Brit + Co.  There will be over 80 vendors selling mainly handmade and artisan made goods including scads of local products.  The event runs from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. and its FREE.  Oh and don't miss our shout out on Refinery29...

Kinfolk From Above September 26 2013

Patient video by Kinfolk Magazine capturing a patient hot air balloon ride and the view from above.


TRUNK SHOW 9/29 @ SF Jr. League Home Tour September 24 2013

Buy tickets to the Junior League Home Tour for Sunday 9/29 from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. and gain instant access to the amazing homes of Pacific Heights San Francisco.  We are participating in the "block party" on Greenwich St. between Lyon & Baker with a Half Hitch Goods curated trunk show to showcase our giftable goodies all day and donating 20% of our sales to charity.  Please come visit and shop till you drop while feeling good about money well spent!  

Trunk Show 9/17 At Firehouse 8 September 11 2013

We hope to see you all at Firehouse 8 Tuesday September 17th from 6-8 p.m. for a Half Hitch Goods trunk show.  We will be joining Modern Citizen and Sweet + Spark so bring friends and enjoy drinks and nibbles! {1648 Pacific Ave. between Polk & Van Ness in San Francisco, CA.}


Vintage Collection: Heath Ceramics September 09 2013

As much as we love the modern editions to the Heath Ceramics Collection, there is something very special about vintage Heath Ceramics pottery.  Check out this great reflective piece by Cathy Bailey (Part Owner, Heath Ceramics) on their Blog reflecting on recently unpacking 120 boxes of archived vintage ceramic pieces dating back to the 1950's and understand why we are always collecting vintage Heath to showcase as part of our collection at Half Hitch Goods.  (Top two photos from the Heath Ceramic Tumblr).  Bottom two photos are pieces from our Half Hitch Goods collection.

Some of our vintage pieces for sale:

Apolis Global - Bangladesh Project August 29 2013

Our Jute Utility Tote was a design partnership with Kinfolk Magazine and Apolis Global Citizen.  Watch this video to learn more about the Bangladesh Project and the ethical female co-operative manufacturing the bags and empowering women.  Use your purchasing power to change the world, one gift at a time.

Erika Honig - Marin, CA August 01 2013

It's a sunny late afternoon in Marin, CA and as I arrive to her studio, Erika Honig is finishing up with a Swedish friend of hers who is picking out a birthday gift.  I'm peeking over her friend's shoulder to a table covered in precious bracelets ... so jealous and wanting every piece for myself!  I carefully looked at each style and lusted over their detail and craftsmanship as Erika told me about her story.

Erika grew up in Northern Sweden's Arctic Circle termed the “Land of the northern lights and the midnight sun."  There, when she was a young girl, she learned the unique handcraft of Lapland jewelry making from a neighbor.  The skills Erika has are not easy to learn, making it impossible to mass produce these gorgeous creations.  Each piece is delicately and carefully made by hand in her Marin, CA studio.  Pewter thread is intricately braided and then secured to veggie tanned reindeer hide and fastened with a reindeer antler button resulting in the most unique and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry you will ever own... not to mention a piece of folklore and history.  Due to the high quality craftsmanship and lasting design, traditionally these bracelets are given as gifts celebrating landmark events like birthdays, graduations, and communion.  Events to remember for a lifetime.  

Erika is always innovating with new braids, patterns and designs, but her Saami bracelets embody a unique blend of classic Nordic handicraft with modern simplicity.  Truly, these are just what we love, style with a story.  Check out each of her designs in our collection and swoon: Boden, Pelle, Tundra, Ren and Siljan.

Jess Brown - Petaluma, CA July 17 2013

Brit and I made the easy trek in the Doka, up to Petaluma California to meet artist and entrepreneur, Jess Brown and team.  We had the honor of peeking into their studio to hang out while they worked.  A clean long wooden worktable was piled high with women's sweaters ready for final details and dolls waiting to be dressed.  The back room was stacked with future doll bodies, as well as scads of beautiful miniature dresses, lace, scraps, and stoles.  We sat and visited with Jess and her talented team, watching and drooling while they meticulously hand-crafted each doll.

Jess started making rag dolls after she and her husband committed to making things for their kids by hand to emphasize the importance of handcrafted gifting and creativity. When I asked Jess about the inspiration for her signature rag doll and the significance of her look, she told me she labored for months over the doll's construction before landing on the distinct heart-shaped mouth and star eyes.  A few years later, she was going through old keepsakes at her parent's home and came across a rag doll that she made for her youngest sister when she was just a kid.  She had completely forgotten about making the doll and low and behold, it had the same face as her current signature Jess Brown Doll: heart shaped mouth and star eyes.  It makes you wonder, are the things we create as young children coming from a deep and authentic creative place, a place we sometimes forget as adults?  Like Jess, I believe we can all tap into our inherent creativity by pursuing what we love.

Please check out all of the dolls we are offering (Pantaloon Girl  |  Party Girl  |  Jumper Girl  |  Floral Dress Girl  |  Coco In Lace) and enjoy our behind the scenes photos from our exclusive meeting.  For the next 6 dolls we sell we will give away a free gift with purchase.  A set of 9 Hand Letterpressed Paper Dolls with totally unique Jess brown outfits ($39 value).

Southwest Part VI - Roswell & Santa Fe New Mexico June 27 2013

On our way back west we couldn't help but check out Bottomless Lakes National Park and take a dip.  Established in 1933 and located along the Pecos River, it was New Mexico's first National Park, where 9 small deep lakes were once caves that formed in ancient limestone reef escarpment.  As the river eroded, the caves collapsed and the river runoff formed the series of beautiful deep blue lakes.  Great for swimming if it weren't for the little snake I spotted on my way out!

Roswell was a funky town.  Not bad for vintage hunting.  In 1948 something crash-landed on a farm on a property in Roswell, NM.  The U.S. government claimed it was the debris from a top-secret space mission.  Townspeople seemed to accept that explanation until 30 years later, in the 70's folks started questioning.  Suddenly people recalled it was a UFO from outer space and claiming alien autopsies took place by the government that were being covered up.  Investigations in the 90's trumped these rumors but still no one is really sure what hit Roswell.  Whatever it was put the town on the map.

By the time we got to Santa Fe we were ready for a little more of the outdoors so we camped in Hyde Memorial State Park which was very convenient for trips into town and not to mention trips to the infamous 10,000 waves Japanese-style spa.  Mainly we spent our time hunting for vintage and great Native American crafts, but we did not skimp on the hiking and were very impressed with the breathtaking views of the old pueblo town from the mountain tops of the state park we called home for a few days.

The Turquoise Trail Indian reservations and Route 66 were fabulous on the way home and as much as we love the road we agree with Dorothy of OZ when we say, "There is no place like home".

Southwest Part V - Austin, TX + Hotel San Jose June 19 2013

We rolled into Austin after a 14-hour drive from Big Bend and started out on the right foot with Elizabeth Street Cafe for dinner.  The quaint little French/Vietnamese pho house welcomed us to the little funky southern town graciously and we slept soundly at the infamous Hotel San Jose.  Even Mason was pleased with his comfy "George" dog bed, bowl, and treats on the house.  At Hotel San Jose no detail is spared, everything has been thought of and everything is glorious.

We kicked off our first day with a stroll on Lady Bird Lake, followed by some great vintage hunting, and shopping at Stag Austin and JM Dry goods to say "hi" and get some inspiration if only by osmosis.  We scarfed BBQ for lunch...and dinner and in just a day or so, we easily fell in love with the neon signs and funky fashion.  Keep on keeping it weird guys.

Southwest Part IV - The Ghost Town of Terlingua, TX June 17 2013

Near the banks of the Rio Grande and just around the corner from Big Bend National Park nestled in the Chisos Mountain Range is a little ghost town called Terlingua.   Dominating the beautiful views of nature is an infamous guesthouse (of sorts) called La Posada Milgro where we stayed.  We rolled in at the same time the wind did later in the afternoon just as the locals flocked to the "porch" in front of the general store in town for what seemed like a daily tradition of social hour.  Terlingua was once a mercury mining town bustling with inhabitants.  With disease and the eventual lack of market for mercury (once used for dynamite and hat making etc.) the town dissipated and by the 1940's was nearly empty.  Today churches and homes sit in a state of disrepair but sometime in the 1970's some hippies found the beauty in this off the grid town and stayed, leaving the original homes in-tact and creating new settlements.  We found this to be a lovely detour and really, there is no other place like it.

Marfa Brand Soaps - Marfa, TX June 12 2013

It was a quiet Monday in Marfa when we had the opportunity to meet with Ginger Griffice (and her poodle Lenny Bruce).  Ginger is a classically trained mixologist of essential oils and a self-taught natural soap-maker with a company she started in Marfa called "Marfa Brand".  Her products are nothing short of divine.  Almost edible in scent, these bars are nearly otherworldly.  She has a small collection of naturally fragranced soaps that she dreams up and makes in her studio.

While we visited we discussed her dream of having a little retail space in her studio and as we kicked around ideas of layout and customer experience, Lenny Bruce quietly laid at our feet.  Ginger loves what she does and above all seems to love what Marfa symbolizes––a place where folks can live, do what they love, and let things fall into place naturally.  All small town gossip aside, it's pretty near the perfect place to thrive as an artist and maker.  Ginger has a great passion for her craft and is experimenting with new potions and ways to develop her products in the future.  While we chatted, she mixed me a custom face oil for the dry Texas weather.  

When we had to part, Ginger got out a little treat for Lenny.  He literally told us "I Love You."  Lenny Bruce, The Dog Who Talks.  Just another cool thing about Marfa.  So check out Ginger's soaps and try a bar.

Southwest Part III - El Cosmico "Hotel", Marfa TX June 07 2013

El Cosmico isn't your typical hotel with room service and wake up calls.  It's more like hipster camping ... or as we like to call it "glamping".  Choose your shelter: premium vintage airstream with private shower, teepee, safari tent, or B.Y.O. tent and share a bathroom with the rest of the "glampers".  The maids service the "rooms" with clean linens in a tiny little old mail truck - cute as can be!  We stayed here on our Marfa trip and enjoyed a safari tent and all of it's stripped down glory.  It sure beat sleeping in the truck bed, so we were feeling like it was a luxury.  El Cosmico is definitely a new take on a vacation; a little bit hip, a little off-beat and a whole lot of rustic.  

Southwest Part II - Balmorhea State Park & The Town of Marfa, TX June 05 2013

Admittedly Marfa could be perceived as "just another tiny town" in the middle of America.  But it's really much more than that.  It is a place with the quaintness of a small rural village, the taste level and sensibility of a chic modern art museum, and the people are nice as can be.  

On our way into town we stopped at Balmorhea State Park where you can swim in the world's largest spring-fed swimming pool (1.75 acres) which remarkably stays at 72-76 degrees year round and with crystal clarity in its 25 ft. depth.  The pool is fed by the San Solomon Spring and you can swim amongst the fish as 22-28 million gallons of water naturally flow through the pool every day.  

Heading into the town, we were struck by every simply beautiful little moment we felt, and every little scene that was set.  In fact it felt just like a quiet little movie set filled with kind people who all seem in the know all about each other.  The pictures really tell the story the best, but the experience of Marfa is so sensory with the food, smells, folks, and visuals - it's really a must visit destination.


Father's Day 20% Off Men's Leather By ML Brown June 04 2013

Our leather working genius Mat Brown just had a baby and it's his first Father's Day.  In honor of Mat and in order to give dad a gift that he really wants most, choose from this exclusive assortment of custom handmade leather goods by ML Brown for your dad and we will pitch in with a promotion to save you 20%.  We are even offering this discount on belts with a custom message hand written and burned into the inside of the belt for an extra special touch.  Use code LEATHER20 at checkout until Father's Day on 6/16 *Order by Monday 6/10 (or custom message belt by Saturday 6/8) for on time delivery. 


Southwest Part I - Arcosanti, AZ May 29 2013

We packed the Doka for a trip out to Texas destined for about two weeks of open road.  We were hoping for scenic views, inspiration, killer vintage finds and a few meetings with makers along the way.  The first night we camped in Prescott National Forest near Phoenix so we could wake up and explore Arcosanti in the morning.  Arcosanti was architect Paolo Solari's experimental city testing "Arcology"; his idea of mixing ecology and architecture.  A way of life living densely in a city with multipurpose spaces that are highly efficient and self-sustaining.  

We were taken by the beautiful brass and clay bells that they craft on site and sell in order to make up for some costs of keeping the tours going and to help earn money to construct the buildings.  In fact they even utilize the same technique of constructing bells to craft their breathtaking domed buildings in a sort of earthen kiln.  Basically, Arcosanti is a handmade city in progress, a.k.a the Mecca of handmade.

It's been 43 years since Solari purchased the land at Arcosanti and the city is now 3% complete, inhabited by less than 60 people who all work on the property between artist residencies, facilities, and maintenance.  Paolo Solari passed away 3 days after our pilgrimage to his test city.  We left the city with the hope that it would continue to be a place for artists to live and work and with doubts of it achieving its planned size.  Now that Solari is no longer with us though, we hope even more that his dream will come true some day.

Diner - Brooklyn, NY May 28 2013

While in Brooklyn, we could not resist trying the famous grass-fed award winning burger at "Diner" in Williamsburg.  Diner is owned by Andrew Tarlow, the genius restaurateur as Marlow & Son's, Marlow & Daughters and Roman's.  He is also the creator of the publication Diner Journal which we proudly stock at Half Hitch Goods.  It seemed only proper to checkout this fine eatery and see what all the fuss is about.  Turns out, it's nothing short of adorable that the entire restaurant is built in an old train like a real dining car.  The menu changes daily and is all handwritten (hardly legibly in such chaotic beauty) on the butcher paper tablecloth by the waitress.  Fabulous ambiance, great service and the food (condiments included) was nothing short of mouthwatering.  At the end of our meal a special chocolate desert treat made its way to our table complements of the staff.  Needless to say, it is a must try eatery in Williamsburg and we will definitely be back.


VW Vanagon - Transporter Tristar Syncro May 23 2013

You will likely never see one of these Volkswagen models in your entire life.  Have I got your attention now?  The Volkswagen Vanagon Transporter Tristar Syncro was a four door and four-wheel drive (Syncro) luxury version of the Vanagon Double cab Truck ("Doka", that is the Half Hitch mobile) launched in October 1988.  Unlike our analog truck, the Tristar had fancy power windows, automatic seat belts, a lined truck bed, divided back seats, sliding windows in the cab and much more.  It's the creme de la creme.  There were 18 Tristars sent to Canada and legendarily one of them broke in shipment and arguably 2 of them ended up in the U.S.  Needless to say they are very rare in the continental United States and an unknown number of them were produced in total.  So you ask: where are all the Tristars now?  The world may never know, but if you spot one of these, you will know because if it has the original paint job there will be a decal on the drivers side on the front that says "Tristar".  Almost as good as seeing Elvis or Tupac Shakur, you should probably snap a photo at the very least or if you are feeling adventurous ask to take it for a spin around the block.



Hartland Brooklyn Card Co. - Brooklyn, NY May 20 2013

When we meet with artists and makers, we never know what to expect.  But when we arrived at Emily Johnson's little studio in a brownstone in Cobble Hill, we were delighted and amazed.  We walked into a living room wrapped in white walls with a graphic and gilded triangle pattern that Emily illustrated herself.  I was amazed at the beauty simplicity of her eclectic design sensibility.  It is a tasteful and sparsely decorated little home studio with a light-well alcove containing the tiniest little desk you've ever seen.  Now if you know me, you know I love anything miniature and have always been fascinated as long as I can remember by all things small.  The thought that first came to mind when looking at the tiny toile papered alcove... "How do such amazingly creative cards come out of such a tiny space?"  Known for her labor-intensive hand-painted neon designs and metallic foil prints, Emily is not limited by her space and she doesn't hesitate to spread out and use every possible surface to work when producing a large order.  Emily's passion for her work is contagious which makes us even more in love with these cards as they are each a unique work of art.  See some of her adorably original designs here:  Cactus  //  Tulips  //  Fly Me To The Moon  //  Roll With Me  //  Silver Balloons  //  Arrows .  Now and then wish that we were back in Brooklyn with Emily and her cats Henry and Larry listening to Beach Boys records on a rainy day.  We hope to be return soon!

Fredericks & Mae - Brooklyn, NY May 13 2013

On a little thoroughfare in Brooklyn and tucked away in an unassuming building a few floors up, there is a little simple oasis where Jolie Signorile and Gabe Cohen work their magic.  They are the artists behind Fredericks & Mae, an art and design company founded in 2007 and they recently moved to this new space that they have quickly made their own.  

Their studio includes a full wood-working annex where Jolie, a self-taught wood worker, cuts and trims stacks of puzzles and games with her amazing and natural jigsaw skills.

With business getting, well ... busy, Honora, their skilled friend works with them and sits patiently wrapping colorful thread around locks of Mongolian horse hair into intricate brooms and tassels.

The two partners showed me and Brit some of their newest designs including a moon domino set, skim board, and foosball.  They excitedly described a tournament they had with the new foosball game and how incredibly fun it was to see their friends play on their games and with such vigor and joy.  When you play a game it is like you forget about everything else and just ... play!  Games are more than just the basis for their product line; they are a way of life and an ideological philosophy.  Connecting with friends and strangers over meticulously crafted classic wood game pieces is a revival of an old way to connect and live.

We wish we could have stayed all day just to be witness to their mesmerizing creative process, watch their pretty paint dry, and smell the scent of freshly cut wood.  Check out their drool-worthy products: Marbles, Horse Hair TasselWorry Bead Necklace.

Studio SUZAN: Mother's Day Promotion ... 20% Off! April 25 2013

Mother's Day is quickly approaching and we've got the perfect selection of fine hand forged silver jewelry that will make your mom feel treasured.  All Studio SUZAN Jewelry pieces are handmade works of art and each individual piece is made with love, care and thought; no two pieces are alike.  Her work honors a woman's natural beauty, endurance, and growth potential.  It seems obvious that for Mothers Day we should be gifting SUZAN Jewelry so our gift to you is 20% off of the entire collection until mothers day May 12 (see some of the offerings below).  Order by May 6th for Mothers Day delivery.  Use the following code at checkout: MOMLOVE2013















MCMC Fragrances Eau de Perfume 15% Off! March 26 2013

We are excited to announce our first spring special!  Celebrate the advent of spring (and maybe even Mother's Day as well) by taking 15% off MCMC Fragrances Eau de Perfume.  But don't drag your feet, the offer is valid until end of day this Saturday 3/30 use promo code MCMCEAUDEPERFUME15 at checkout.

Tea Towel Gift Wrapping March 22 2013

The advent of Spring is the perfect time to honor your neighbors and friends.  Pick up a fresh loaf of bread, bottle of honey, a stack of special chocolates, bottle of wine, a cool magazine, or some seasonal preserves and wrap it up in a tea towel for a green wrapping option.  Or better yet let us do it for you.  Simply select your items including a tea towel of your choice, and check the box for gift wrap at checkout and mention the words "tea towel" in the notes.  When we run your card we will comp the wrapping, its on us!

Photos courtesy of StudioPatro



Jute Utility Tote - Kinfolk & Apolis Partnership March 18 2013

Half Hitch is excited to offer this unique and functional Jute Utility Tote bag that is the result of a wise design partnership between Apolis Global and the lifestyle magazine Kinfolk.  It is manufactured in Saidpur, Bangladesh by a female artisan co-operative that is committed to producing change in the garment industry in Bangladesh by providing workers with fair wages, freedom of association, accountability, and transparency.  The artisans enjoy a high degree of autonomy and their children often accompany them to work.  They use their earnings to provide clean food, shelter and education for their families.

The multi-pocket design makes for a functional bag suitable for use in the garden, for a picnic, as a tool sac, diaper bag, or daily work tote.  Finished in California and equipped with a durable wipe-able lining and natural vegetable-dyed leather straps reinforced by antique nickel rivets.


MCMC Fragrances - Brooklyn, NY March 07 2013

If you aren't familiar with Anne McClain's work, she is a classically trained perfumer who studied at The Grasse Institute in Grasse, France - the age old perfume capital of the world on the Riviera.  Scent is her art form, natural oils and extracts are her medium.

Anne and her sister Katie generously hosted us in their Brooklyn studio a few weeks ago.  Her spot is situated nicely in Greenpoint on a little industrial side street where she shares a big room with several talented jewelry designers.  It is a creative space with skylights and a simple open layout.  She is due to have a baby in May, and so is one of her studio mates, Emily.  So they joke about building an indoor teepee for the babies to play in while they work away doing what they do best: Hustle their olfactory delights and gemmed adornments to mostly boutique clients and work on inventing new creations.  

Anne and I talked about her original inspiration for her line and her hopes that for folks who might be a little fragrance shy (especially with her roll-on oils) it might be a subtle introduction into this feminine tradition.  I confessed to having worn perfume as early as elementary school and sited Tommy Girl as one of my go-to pumps.  And she laughed and joked with Katie about how Katie gifted her Angel perfume when she was in Jr. High (a very mature fragrance for a young girl).  So apparently we were not going for subtle fragrances then but we are now.

After enjoying a few good laughs, creative ideas, and plans for the future she and her studio-mate Jennifer compiled a comprehensive shopping/cafe hit list for Brit and me to keep us busy for the remainder of the day in Brooklyn between studio visits.  Delight!  Check out MCMC Fragrances products: MCMC Perfumes, MCMC Candles, MCMC Garden Perfume Oil, MCMC Dude #1.



St. Valentine: A Martyr For Love February 05 2013

In preparation for Valentine's Day and in the Half Hitch Goods spirit of stories, I thought I'd offer an abridged history of the holiday.  Alternatively, for you busy folks ... by all means cut to the chase and scroll down to check out the V-Day gift guide and packaging.  We are offering free gift wrap on any order until Valentine's Day.  Simply type "Valentine's Day:" in the "Gift Message" section of your shopping cart and select the box at the bottom for gift wrap.

The day began as a celebration honoring Valentinus, a Christian saint and martyr who was imprisoned for conducting weddings for soldiers who weren't allowed to marry and for ministering to Christians who were persecuted under the Roman Empire at the time.  While imprisoned he supposedly healed the daughter of his jailer Asterius.  Just before his execution, legend has it that he wrote her a letter and signed it "from your Valentine" which is a phrase that will go down in history from one heart to another.  By the 15th century A.D. St. Valentine's Day evolved into an occasion to express romantic love for one another by offering flowers, treats or greeting cards (a.k.a. Valentines) to those who we love.  To this day, it is the second most widely celebrated holiday in the world next to New Years.





MCMC DUDE #1 $48







Valentines will be gift wrapped in a kraft box and/or white tissue with a pink and brown ribbon from an indian textile.  A personal message that you designate will be hand written on the small black tag and the large creamy tag will be complete with the corresponding witty saying for the gift you chose.  Ex: The Wild Sage Honey will say "Will You Be My Honey".

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