Rosewood Mini Razor


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Rosewood Mini Razor

A true American family owned company established in 1991 in Jacksonville Alabama, Bear & Son Cutlery handcrafts their knives entirely in their own workshop.  They pride themselves on a multigenerational tradition of knife passion and craft as well as their innovation, commitment to excellence, and heirloom quality.  

The unique mini razor shape has been handmade with a rosewood and nickel bolster and a single blade of high carbon polished stainless steel.

3” (closed), 5” (open), Blade 2"

For an extra special touch, add our cigar box gift wrap.  We will select a contemporary cigar box (sans cigars) that fits your item and snugly gift wrap your knife inside the cigar box and finish it with a ribbon.  Pictured is a stack of some of the boxes in our collection but it could be any box here or otherwise that is chosen, some are wooden, some are wooden wrapped in paper and some have latches while some slide closed.  Take our pick, you will be glad you did!