The Hill-Side Bandana - Selvedge Indigo Gingham (Reversible)

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The Hill-Side Bandana - Selvedge Indigo Gingham (Reversible)

Brother-owners Emil and Sandy Corsillo of Hickoree’s Hardgoods in Brooklyn, NY created a small U.S. made textile company called The Hill-Side. They scour the world for beautiful, uncommon textiles that they source in places like Guatemala, South Africa, the U.S. and Japan.  They use those textiles to make neckties, bandanas, and scarves with narrow and streamlined designs.  Bandanas are a great light neck warmer to wear along with a coat or jacket, a lighter alternative to a scarf.  Each piece is handmade, cut and sewn at a small factory in New York City.  Selvedge Indigo Gingham Reverse-Side Overprint, 100% cotton from Japan woven on an old fashioned shuttle loom.


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