Erika Honig - Marin, CA August 01 2013

It's a sunny late afternoon in Marin, CA and as I arrive to her studio, Erika Honig is finishing up with a Swedish friend of hers who is picking out a birthday gift.  I'm peeking over her friend's shoulder to a table covered in precious bracelets ... so jealous and wanting every piece for myself!  I carefully looked at each style and lusted over their detail and craftsmanship as Erika told me about her story.

Erika grew up in Northern Sweden's Arctic Circle termed the “Land of the northern lights and the midnight sun."  There, when she was a young girl, she learned the unique handcraft of Lapland jewelry making from a neighbor.  The skills Erika has are not easy to learn, making it impossible to mass produce these gorgeous creations.  Each piece is delicately and carefully made by hand in her Marin, CA studio.  Pewter thread is intricately braided and then secured to veggie tanned reindeer hide and fastened with a reindeer antler button resulting in the most unique and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry you will ever own... not to mention a piece of folklore and history.  Due to the high quality craftsmanship and lasting design, traditionally these bracelets are given as gifts celebrating landmark events like birthdays, graduations, and communion.  Events to remember for a lifetime.  

Erika is always innovating with new braids, patterns and designs, but her Saami bracelets embody a unique blend of classic Nordic handicraft with modern simplicity.  Truly, these are just what we love, style with a story.  Check out each of her designs in our collection and swoon: Boden, Pelle, Tundra, Ren and Siljan.