PeaceBomb - Dropped & Made in Laos November 15 2012

In the Naphia Village in Laos the Mine Advisory Group combs farmland and collects metal shrapnel from the 250 million bombs that were dropped on Laos by the U.S. during the Vietnam War.  It is a dangerous land because 1 in 3 bombs that were dropped did not detonate and are still land mines today.  Since 80% of Laotians are subsistence farmers (eating what they harvest) the danger of the undetonated bomb litter presents a food security issue and a barrier to economic development.

A resourceful villager figured out how to salvage the bomb metal to craft aluminum spoons by melting the metal in an earthen kiln and then cast the molten metal in hand sculpted molds of wood and ash.  He taught the same technique to 10 other families.  Article 22 has recently been helping the villagers with their product development and sales in the global marketplace.  For making these bracelets farmers and artisans are paid 4X their local market rate.  

Proceeds from each bracelet purchased at Half Hitch Goods will help clean up between 1-5 meters of bomb littered land.  Help us buy back the bombs.For more information please watch the 10 minute documentary: