Fredericks & Mae - Brooklyn, NY May 13 2013

On a little thoroughfare in Brooklyn and tucked away in an unassuming building a few floors up, there is a little simple oasis where Jolie Signorile and Gabe Cohen work their magic.  They are the artists behind Fredericks & Mae, an art and design company founded in 2007 and they recently moved to this new space that they have quickly made their own.  

Their studio includes a full wood-working annex where Jolie, a self-taught wood worker, cuts and trims stacks of puzzles and games with her amazing and natural jigsaw skills.

With business getting, well ... busy, Honora, their skilled friend works with them and sits patiently wrapping colorful thread around locks of Mongolian horse hair into intricate brooms and tassels.

The two partners showed me and Brit some of their newest designs including a moon domino set, skim board, and foosball.  They excitedly described a tournament they had with the new foosball game and how incredibly fun it was to see their friends play on their games and with such vigor and joy.  When you play a game it is like you forget about everything else and just ... play!  Games are more than just the basis for their product line; they are a way of life and an ideological philosophy.  Connecting with friends and strangers over meticulously crafted classic wood game pieces is a revival of an old way to connect and live.

We wish we could have stayed all day just to be witness to their mesmerizing creative process, watch their pretty paint dry, and smell the scent of freshly cut wood.  Check out their drool-worthy products: Marbles, Horse Hair TasselWorry Bead Necklace.