Southwest Part IV - The Ghost Town of Terlingua, TX June 17 2013

Near the banks of the Rio Grande and just around the corner from Big Bend National Park nestled in the Chisos Mountain Range is a little ghost town called Terlingua.   Dominating the beautiful views of nature is an infamous guesthouse (of sorts) called La Posada Milgro where we stayed.  We rolled in at the same time the wind did later in the afternoon just as the locals flocked to the "porch" in front of the general store in town for what seemed like a daily tradition of social hour.  Terlingua was once a mercury mining town bustling with inhabitants.  With disease and the eventual lack of market for mercury (once used for dynamite and hat making etc.) the town dissipated and by the 1940's was nearly empty.  Today churches and homes sit in a state of disrepair but sometime in the 1970's some hippies found the beauty in this off the grid town and stayed, leaving the original homes in-tact and creating new settlements.  We found this to be a lovely detour and really, there is no other place like it.