Turning Over A New Leaf April 11 2019

In November 2016 (four years to the day after the launch of Half Hitch Goods) I gave birth to Lela Gold, my first baby. She is so precious and darling and also the most wakeful and spirited baby I had ever met. I never anticipated how I'd be able to work on Half Hitch and be her mommy but as it turned out dual jobs was hard to juggle. My husband and I also embarked on a year long gut restoration of our 1850's victorian farmhouse in Sonoma County. In order to be available to my family and for this project I turned my focus away from events and new products for Half Hitch and toward building plans, managing construction, finishes and finances. Now, 2.5 years later and 6 months pregnant again, I'm finally ready to admit to myself that my dream store (really my first baby) needs an update ... How exciting! 

Seven year ago, when I began Half Hitch I was a pioneer in offering curated handmade goods by artists. Now the market for these kind of goods seems much more saturated and I'm excited to explore a slightly more niched concept and new offerings.

Major thank you to all of my dedicated customers, the friends I've made on this journey, my artist partners, all of the magazines and online publications who have shouted us out, and folks who've chased down my truck over the years. This isn't "goodbye" it's more like "hello again". Bear with me while I figure out my next moves but for now enjoy 40% off everything. And please ... no returns! :-)