L3 Convertible Black Pack


L3 Convertible Black Pack

A Half Hitch Goods exclusive design made in collaboration with Good West Co. The "L3 Convertible Black Pack" is the little bag that could.

When we were children our folks told us we could be anything. We took that to heart and now more than ever we are becoming Janes of all trades. This bag is inspired by Jane. She can be so many people. A working lady, athlete, mom, party girl, commuter, entrepreneur or student. Don't be limited by your bag. Use the pieces in 6 ways and be uniquely you.

This is the only bag you NEED. Crafted of a buttery piece of black analine leather and fully lined with polka dot chambray. The bag is sewn all by hand and finished with gorgeous brass hoods and d-rings and a pristine veggie tanned leather strap that is fully adjustable to convert from a clutch to a cross body bag, a fanny pack or a shoulder bag. Add a wristlet attachment too if you swing that way. Packs flat for travel and switches function in just seconds.

6"h x 9"w x .5"d (Circumference of waist can be 36"-39" for fanny pack option, or for cross-body the circumference can be 52"-55". Use a tape measure to simulate the fit.)

About the maker:

Amy Silberman crafted her first bag out of some butchers twine a hide that she earned as a parting gift from a job at a photo studio. Soon she serendipitously found an apprenticeship with a classically trained, French, handbag and accessories craftswoman. Amy learned the craft of hand making bags and attending to and obsessing over each meticulous detail sparing nothing. While years went by in between the apprenticeship and many jobs as a photo editor, Amy kept her skills to herself and honed them only as a hobby. Recently, she developed her first brand: Good West Co. Today she crafts handmade bags, accessories, and aprons of selvedge denim and veggie tanned leather. Hers are the kinds of bags and goods that you will use daily and folks will stop you on the street to beg for your source.