"Shaka" Letterpress Cards - Set of 6


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"Shaka" Letterpress Cards - Set of 6

Andria Sato fell in love with the art of letterpress printing in college. There is just something about the layers of ink on extra heavy cotton paper that adds dimension to printing in a way that no other technique gets close to. Lilikoi Design + Letterpress is her graphic design and letterpress printing studio focusing on high quality craftsmanship by using sustainable, locally made materials, and printing by hand on a press dating back to 1889.

This is a box set of 6 cotton folded cards in the 4 bar size featuring the "shaka" hand in a midnight blue ink.

"Shaka" is a common greeting in the Hawaiian culture. The thumb and pinky are extended while the index, middle and ring fingers are held tightly. The gesture is associated with surf culture sometimes known as "hang loose".

Each card has been printed by hand one time in the machine for each color in the design. 

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