The Cinder Cone


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The Cinder Cone

A beautiful book printed in limited quantities features 135 pages of photos taken by Foster Huntington.

Foster started a blog a few years ago called The Burning House. He asked folks to submit photos of things they'd want to take with them if their house was burning. He got a book deal, took the advance money, and quit his job designing for Ralph Lauren to buy a VW Vanagon and travel the U.S. His goal was to get outside and do something with life. 

He traveled the country in his VW Van while working on his book Home is Where You Park It, photographing other vans, campers and mobile homes along the way. The book is a study of compact and beautiful life on the road. Since then, Foster has put his roots down in the form of an epic tree house and skate bowl in Washington and this book The Cinder Cone documents the building of that home on the columbia River Gorge. The book is composed of color photos, drawings and sketches from the start of the project to the end of the build. 

10x7.5 inches, hardcover, first edition.


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