Contrast Mug

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Contrast Mug

Helen Levi has worked with clay since she was a kid and has always found it to be an art with a great release as well as a unique utility.  Her background is in photography and she still pursues this along with her ceramic work, which gives her pieces a great sense of balance and perspective.  Helen was raised between her main residence in the East Village in NYC and her family's country home in upstate NY where she was able to experience utmost isolation.  Her works are an expression of the extreme polarities that she was influenced by with this contrast in settings.  

This mug is an exclusive collaboration between Helen, Half Hitch Goods, and our friends at Revielle Coffee Co. in San Francisco.  Made of white porcelain and dipped in a white and black glaze the mug is organic in shape, contrasty, clean and generous in size.  The handle fits about two fingers and is comfortable to hold.

Hand thrown, we love how each cup varies in size and shape with some beautiful glaze overlapping and some rustic gaps in glazes on the middle.  Dishwasher and microwave safe, for use with hot or cold liquids, we have designed the all around best mug.

*Each cup is approximately 3.5” tall, diameter 3.5”

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