Dot Wool Throw - Olive

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Dot Wool Throw - Olive

The historic Faribault Woolen Mill was built in 1865 in Faribault Minnesota on the banks of the Cannon River that once powered the Mill with its rushing current.  Though the days of water-power are long gone, the river reminds the company of its roots in classic quality and old techniques still in use today.  As one of the last fully integrated mills left in the U.S., their mission is the same as it always was: use the highest quality raw materials, manufacturing, and hand finishing techniques to create home textiles that are made to last. 

This blanket was originally designed in the 1950’s as an airline blanket that has now been reconstructed of 100% fluff-loomed fine merino wool and re-colored to be more contemporary. Machine washable/dryable.  Permanently moth-proofed.