Hand-Carved Stirring Spoon


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Hand-Carved Stirring Spoon

Emily Brock is a third generation woodworker learning her craft from her father who is a sculptural furniture artist.  He learned from his grandfather who was a wooden staircase maker. Based in Nashville, Emily uses local Tennessee hardwoods like black walnut and curly maple for lasting durability. In the past, woodworking was a hobby for Emily, as she was working as a chef and baker so she understands the ergonomic importance of cooks tools and aims to make heirloom and lasting wooden tools that are sculptural and durable, but that also encourage slowing down while cooking and enjoying each step in the creation of a meal.

The most beautiful, extraordinary, and graceful (but hard working) stirring spoon for cooking.  Perfect for stews, soups, sauces and even as a spatula when stir frying.

Spoons are large and range from 12" long to 15" long

Consider pairing the spoon with this lovely spoon rest.