Antique Hopi Kachina Dolls

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Short Boy

The Hopi tribe lives primarily in Northeastern Arizona and some of their artisans traditionally carve cottonwood effigies called "Kachinas", of spirits who come down to the villages to dance and sing and bring rain for the harvest bearing gifts for children.  Kachinas embody the spirits of deities, the deceased, natural elements, or animals.  The dolls are carved for use in ceremony and then meant to be treasured and studied, hung on the walls of the pueblos in order to display the characteristics of certain kachinas.  These simplistic dolls are likely early works due to size, shape, and lack of facial features and could have been carved early in the 1900's.  They symbolize honor, luck in harvest, tradition, and education.


-Short Boy Kachina, 5.25" tall & 1.5" wide 

-Wupamo Kachina - Chief guard of the bean dance, 7.75" tall & 1.75" wide SOLD OUT

-Stout Boy Kachina, 6.5" tall & 2.5" wide SOLD OUT

-Tall Man Kachina, 8" tall & 1.5" wide SOLD OUT