Marfa Brand Soaps


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Marfa Brand Soaps

Handmade and all natural, Marfa Brand soaps are made in the little bohemian town of Marfa, TX by the self taught soap maker Ginger Griffice.  Her fragrances are rooted in West Texas with ingredients like sage, cedar, and rosemary, to develop woodsy and smoky nostalgia.  She only uses vegetable oils like coconut, olive and palm as a base, essential oils for fragrance, and tea and lemon peel for texture.  Packaged in a cotton drawstring bag and wrapped with a bellyband of hand made and hand stamped paper, these soaps are perfect for a houseguest to take after a weekend stay.

5 oz bar 3½"x2½"

  • Cedar Juniper + Lavender [HHG Exclusive] With Calendula Petals and Darjeeling Tea
  • Campfire with Lapsang Souchong Tea
  • Rose Clay + Lavender
  • Goat Milk + Cedarwood Sage
  • Grapefruit + Cardamom

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