MCMC Perfume Oil - Kept


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MCMC Perfume Oil - Kept

Perfumer Anne McCain studied natural aromatherapy at the Grasse Institute in the south of France and went on to blend her own line of fragrances under her brand MCMC.  She mixes and bottles her own fragrances by hand in her Brooklyn studio in small batches and her fragrances reflect memories and moments and therefore are layered and deep.  Sold individually.

Kept - This fragrance is an ode to oneself.  Turning the notion of a kept woman on its head, the fragrance encourages women to look to themselves to evoke love. Inspired by this truth, Anne got a tattoo of an antique key on one of her hands.  The most feminine of MCMC Fragrances’ collection, Kept is romantic with hints of rock n’ roll. The long-lasting fragrance is built around red roses and black tea, with subtle notes of clove, leather, and amber.

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