Mustard Seed Wrap Bracelet - Coral


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Mustard Seed Wrap Bracelet - Coral

Suzan Zahedi has been collecting metal, seeds, pods, and paper since she was 11.  In high school her father taught her the art of jewelry making in their New York home studio, beginning a life-long passion for metal craft.

Years of creating, a lifetime of trial, and her entrepreneurial spirit gave rise to SUZAN’s unique jewelry business in 1996. Today, in her southern California studio, she handcrafts each piece of gold and silver jewelry, incorporating stones, wood, and chains.  Her unique hand forging techniques leave natural marks which serve as constant reminders of life's scars and imperfections, the very things that give us character and make us special and unique.  Each piece tells a story of hope, resilience, and natural beauty with the juxtaposition of classic design with a modern twist.   

Black sturdy chord wraps around 3 times to make a bracelet with a delicate coral bead fixed by a small bit of silver wire.  The tiny beads represent a mustard seed, which is often referred to in the Old Testament symbolizing something that is small but mighty and that with a tiny amount of faith nothing is impossible.  Also available in turquoise or freshwater pearl.