Vintage Oaxacan Lidded Basket

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Vintage Oaxacan Lidded Basket

A beautiful collection of one of a kind, vintage Oaxacan baskets from southern Mexico are good as new with no visible signs of wear or age. This traditional style of sturdy but malleable lidded basket was hand woven of 100% natural palm fibers that come from a specific town in southern Mexico called Sola de Vega. The weaving pattern is a classic and ancient one. Basket weaving used to be a huge craft in Oaxaca and their economic base. Today, the state has moved away from this craft due to the time intensive nature, so finding these baskets is difficult. They are amazing used to contain lightweight or soft items around your home.  


Maroon/Natural/Blue 4.5"x4"

Blue/Natural 4"x6"

Natural 9"x10"

Purple/Natural 10"x8"

Maroon/Natural 11"x9"