Organic Matcha Tea - Ceremonial Grade

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Organic Matcha Tea - Ceremonial Grade

Business partners Emily Erb and Anna Morton have a passion for premium small batch teas that they source both abroad, and also locally in the bay area, from small farms. They find the best quality leaves and herbs to blend to make delicious teas that you'll find to be just right. Based in the Bay Area of California, their inspiration comes from the plants themselves – the mythology of their medicine, their potent leaves, delicate flowers, and the intoxicating aroma and flavor they release when infused.

This special ceremonial grade organic matcha comes from a family owned tea farm in Uji Prefecture. Shaded for four weeks before harvest to capture the sweetness of the leaf, this vibrant green powder is perfectly sweet and creamy. Packaged in a beautiful and reusable Japanese tea canister. 20g canister contains 10-12 servings. 


  1. Scoop 3/4 tsp into bowl (sift if lumpy)
  2. Barely wet it with hot water to make a paste
  3. Add 4-6 oz hot water
  4. Whisk in an "M" shape until frothy

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