Palo Santo Smudge Stick Bundle

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Palo Santo Smudge Stick Bundle

Wood Palo Santo Smudge Sticks or “Holy Wood” have been used for centuries by indigenous Amazonians and Incas as a spiritual remedy for purifying, cleansing, and warding off evil spirits.  The refreshing scent will freshen up your home with a slightly sweet fragrance that is beneficial for hangovers, headaches, to ward off mosquitos, or help with colds, asthma and arthritis.  Palo Santo wood is harvested by natives of the Peruvian jungle from fallen twigs and branches under strict government supervision.  Unlike traditional incense sticks, the little logs burn slowly, allowing them to be used many times.  Bundle includes 4-5 sticks.

3½”x ½”

**Never leave burning or smoldering things unattended.  Always rest on a fire proof tray (like this one) and keep away from other flammable things.