Sail Clutch - Susan Hoff

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Sail Clutch - Susan Hoff

Susan Hoff creates unique handcrafted bags and accessories inspired by her time spent at sea and her upbringing on a Midwestern horse farm. The collections are inherently sustainable using reclaimed sailcloth and leather. Each piece stands alone, distinctive in original design, character and craftsmanship. Not only is reclaimed material sustainable and responsible, it is also full of character and history. Each piece of sailcloth tells a story of its former life out on the water and every horse rein is rich with years of care and use. It is this character along with the inherent beauty of the materials that inspires her to search far and wide for the right materials. 

This beautiful white sail clutch is an exclusive collaboration made just for our customers at Half Hitch Goods. Lots of pockets make for great slots to store your cards, phone and lipstick. Susan has trimmed the clutch with hand dyed aqua blue linen for an extra special touch and a dash of color.

This one is just four of a kind.