Vintage Swedish Dala Horse

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Vintage Swedish Dala Horse

In central Sweden, wood scraps from the local furniture-making trade, paint-pigment from nearby copper mines, and long winter evenings bred the development of the Dala Horse.  Dala Horses from the Nusnäs-Mora area first appeared with their familiar bright decoration in the 1800's when the kurbit, or flower-patterned saddle, was regularly added to them.  This design comes from the Biblical story in which Jonah sat outside the city of Nineveh and Jesus caused a kurbit, or gourd vine, to grow up beside him to protect him from the desert sun.

Skills for creating the Dala Horse figurines have been passed from generation to generation and today it is one of the few living folk traditions of Sweden.  Most of the horses are the traditional reddish color, but the same workshops also produce the more rare blue color such as this petite one.  Good vintage condition.