"The Making Of A Rag Doll" Book

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"The Making Of A Rag Doll" Book

Inspired by beautiful textiles and a love of making things with her hands, Jess Brown made a commitment thirteen years ago to give her children handmade gifts that would have lasting heirloom significance. She crafted her first rag doll for her daughter out of old cashmere sweaters and antique scrap fabrics.  Today she operates a small collaborative of friends in her hometown of Petaluma, CA where they stuff each doll with sustainable corn fiber stuffing, and use antique trims, buttons, and textiles to craft the body from muslin that they dye by hand with Persian Black teas to create a natural variation in skin tone.

In this inspiring book, Jess Brown shares a custom pattern and simple instructions to sew, personalize, and accessorize your own rag doll. Illustrating the story behind these dolls, the book places emphasis on natural materials, vintage fabrics, beautiful notions, and quality craftsmanship. Make the dolls for the children—of all ages—in your life to love now and cherish for decades. After making the doll, follow Brown's patterns for darling accessories such as an apron, overcoat, and knickers.

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