Upcycled Tool Bag


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Upcycled Tool Bag

Devin Denman packed up and left San Francisco a few years back with nothing more than a bucket list of crazy ideas and a Subaru covered with bikes and camp gear. Her only agenda was to seize the outdoors. She was free. The goods she hand makes today are an extension of that freedom.

She was trained to sew by her mother who is a custom dressmaker. Today Devin does everything to produce each piece completely by hand from sourcing, concept sketching, sewing, etc. 

Devin makes these sturdy and functional tool bags just for us to order. With gorgeous leather details and handles with copper rivets, canvas and denim. All fabric panels have been salvaged from scrap fabric that was never used but was either swatch or cutaway. She lines the *deluxe* tool bag with discarded roof liner that is easy to rinse out and keeps the inside nice and sturdy. Devin found the roof material on a job she was working and it was destined for the landfill so she packed it in her car and it was enough to keep using for liner for a long time! 

These tool bags are made to be used hard working.

**Deluxe version is larger and lined. Regular version is smaller and unlined.