Black Walnut Weaving Loom


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Black Walnut Weaving Loom

Emily Brock is a third generation woodworker learning her craft from her father who is a sculptural furniture artist. He learned from his grandfather who was a wooden staircase maker. Based in Nashville, Emily uses local Tennessee hardwoods like black walnut and curly maple for lasting durability. In the past, woodworking was a hobby for Emily, now she is working at it full time. She aims to make heirloom and lasting wooden tools that are sculptural and durable, but that also encourage slowing down while living and enjoying each step in life.

This small wooden lap loom is perfect for long car rides or relaxing while sitting inside on a cozy winter day. The loom is in one piece and comes with a pick up stick and a comb all in a little muslin bag. Choose your own strong twine or yarn and you are all set to weave.  

Perfect for beginning weavers or a great small project to take on your travels. Create a warp with a thin but strong yarn-like cotton or linen by wrapping it around the teeth lengthwise up and down. Create the weft with a strong fiber consistent in size, (not too thick) and weave alternating the weft throughout the warp.

**Photo is of example weaving, loom does not include yarn or twine.

The width on the loom is 7"