#YOLO Mini Dish - by Bailey Doesn't Bark


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#YOLO Mini Dish - by Bailey Doesn't Bark

Re Jin Lee is a Brooklyn based designer and potter, creating functional and seasonal ceramic collections. Things that serve a purpose and are artful, are her main specialty. Things that you'd love to live with.

RJ’s Brazilian and Korean heritage greatly influence her design and aesthetic. Each ceramic piece is hand built with clay, kiln fired to bisque, glazed and decorated and high fired up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit.

A mini bowl with #YOLO painted inside makes for the perfect catch all with a sense of humor. "YOLO" stands for You Only Live Once. It's a mantra by some of the kids these days :-); sort of a modern day Carpe Diem.

Sophisticated in materials and design, each bowl is individually hand built, hand made, and hand painted. Use it anywhere the home (entryway, bathroom, or vanity) for just about anything. We love it for holding jewelry.

3.5" Diameter