MCMC Fragrances - Brooklyn, NY March 07 2013

If you aren't familiar with Anne McClain's work, she is a classically trained perfumer who studied at The Grasse Institute in Grasse, France - the age old perfume capital of the world on the Riviera.  Scent is her art form, natural oils and extracts are her medium.

Anne and her sister Katie generously hosted us in their Brooklyn studio a few weeks ago.  Her spot is situated nicely in Greenpoint on a little industrial side street where she shares a big room with several talented jewelry designers.  It is a creative space with skylights and a simple open layout.  She is due to have a baby in May, and so is one of her studio mates, Emily.  So they joke about building an indoor teepee for the babies to play in while they work away doing what they do best: Hustle their olfactory delights and gemmed adornments to mostly boutique clients and work on inventing new creations.  

Anne and I talked about her original inspiration for her line and her hopes that for folks who might be a little fragrance shy (especially with her roll-on oils) it might be a subtle introduction into this feminine tradition.  I confessed to having worn perfume as early as elementary school and sited Tommy Girl as one of my go-to pumps.  And she laughed and joked with Katie about how Katie gifted her Angel perfume when she was in Jr. High (a very mature fragrance for a young girl).  So apparently we were not going for subtle fragrances then but we are now.

After enjoying a few good laughs, creative ideas, and plans for the future she and her studio-mate Jennifer compiled a comprehensive shopping/cafe hit list for Brit and me to keep us busy for the remainder of the day in Brooklyn between studio visits.  Delight!  Check out MCMC Fragrances products: MCMC Perfumes, MCMC Candles, MCMC Garden Perfume Oil, MCMC Dude #1.