Dandelion Chocolate Roasted Cacao Beans


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A homegrown San Francisco chocolate company, Dandelion was started by Cameron Ring and Todd Masonis in their garage. Their small batch, “bean-to-bar” chocolate is known for being very pure and distinct. This is a unique offering of a bag of the Ambanja cacao beans from Madagascar, packaged by themselves, still each in their thin husk with no added sugar or processing.  The popular, fruity tasting bean has a powerful citrus taste, strawberry & cherry notes bold with slight sourness. They can be eaten as a delicious snack alone, or tossed in brownie batter, or banana bread batter as well as on top of ice cream or even a salad.  

To enjoy, squeeze lightly and roll the shell off in your hand, like you are cracking a peanut. 

12 oz.

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