Everyday Napkins Set of 6


A meal can be better enjoyed with a classy and colorful fabric napkin with the peace of mind that it is reusable and therefore gentle on the environment (not to mention irresistibly stylish).  Shay Carrillo designs useful handmade and functional products out of her Portland studio with the help of her partners at Spooltown for construction/production.  Shay uses only natural fibers and focuses on designing items that spare impact on the earth and celebrate ritual in the home.  All base cloth is 100% linen, except the "Tweed" is a 100% recycled cotton/hemp blend.  Set of 6 napkins, 11"x11" each.  

**One napkin on the top of the stack has a small stitched patch on it that says "NPG" which stands for Non-Perishable Goods.

**More base-cloth color details: "Fog" is a slate grey with a slight hint of dark green, "Tweed" is a light grey that is a bit slubby in texture with multi colored tiny flecks of fabric, "Denim" is a blue color with a lot of slate grey, "Natural" is what is sounds like.

Read more about Non-Perishable Goods on our blog and peek at our studio tour with Shay Carrillo.

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