Honey & Co.: Food From the Middle East


Much more than just a cookbook, Honey & Co. is a labor of love by romantic chef couple Itamar Srulovich and Sarit Packer. She's a renowned baker and he's a master chef and together they blend their passion for food and each other into a middle eastern inspired cuisine that is anything but what you'd expect. Inspired recipes include Butternut & tahini dip with roasted hazelnuts, easy pitta breads, heaps of creative and fresh veggies and slow cooked meat dishes. But don't underestimate the Feta & Honey Cheesecake on a kadaif pastry base. 304 pages that will make you feel like you're cooking right in the couple's own London kitchen learning all their tips and tricks along the way.
Formal description:
"After falling in love through their shared passion for food, Itamar Srulovich and Sarit Packer launched Honey & Co., one of London's hottest new restaurants, in 2012. Since opening the doors, they have created exquisite dishes, delectable menus, and an atmosphere that's as warm, inviting, and exotic as the food they serve.
Recipes include spreads and dips, exquisitely balanced salads, one-pan dishes, simple fragrant soups, rich Persian entrees, the tagines of North Africa, the Sofritos of Jerusalem, and the herb-infused stews of Iran. HONEY & CO. brings the flavors of the Middle East to life in a wholly accessible way, certain to entice and satisfy in equal measure."