S+M Alchemy Perfume - Heart Note Collection


Shaun and Manuela are the alchemists behind S+M Fragrances.  They have been friends for years and now collaborate on intoxicating scents and the study of how scent triggers and influences memories. They work solely with natural essences blended in a grape alcohol base.  

The Heart Note Collection consists of four perfumes with a romantic quality all hand blended with 50% single flower essence.  All can be worn alone or blended to be worn together for a custom fragrance of your own. Each scent is comprised of essential oils that have medicinal qualities influencing and enhancing our mood.  

A1 Ylang Ylang - An Indonesian flower known for its calming and relaxing effects, it releases feelings of anger, tension and irritability, and is said to alleviate depression and bring happiness and gratitude. A known aphrodisiac in Indonesia, Ylang Ylang flowers are strewn across marriage beds to bring love. Blended with orange blossom, sandalwood and mint to bring out the best in the flower. Place it on the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras.

A2 Honeysuckle - Historically, honeysuckle was burned as incense to bring prosperity into the home. It is known to clear the mind, strengthen psychic powers, banish fear and sadness, inspire hope, and strengthen the bonds of love. The scent of honeysuckle can trigger dreams of love and passion. Traditionally, if you bring honeysuckle into your home, a wedding will follow within a year. This perfume also is combined with myrrh, pink grapefruit and ginger.  Place it on the heart chakra to open the heart, and promote love, compassion and patience. Heals emotional wounds.

A3 Rose - In the language of flowers, rose is the traditional flower of love. The scent is known to bring balance and harmony as well as relieve stress and anxiety. It has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac even by Cleopatra who seduced Marc Anthony by filling her chambers with roses so that he would be reminded of her every time he smelled a rose. The scent of roses can help eliminate the fear of intimacy, trust and possessiveness. Blended also with vetiver, patchouli and pink pepper to complement its scent and properties. Place on the heart and crown chakras.

A4 Orange Blossom - Used by ancient Egyptians to heal the mind, body and spirit, orange blossoms are also thought to be calming and relaxing. Traditional European bridal bouquets wove orange blossoms into them for their calming effect. Orange blossoms were woven into bride’s hair to proclaim her virginity and put by the honeymoon bed to calm nerves and assure fertility. Blended with jasmine, ambrette, cardamom and lime leaf. Place on the  sacral, heart and crown chakras.


*As with naturals, avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool location to maintain and preserve the fragrance. Without the use of synthetics, apply freely, and often to maintain the scent.

Small 5 ml bottle comes in a muslin pouch with a story card.

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