Saami Bracelet - Boden


Erika Honig was raised in Northern Sweden’s Arctic Circle termed the “Land of the northern lights and the midnight sun".  There she learned the unique handcraft of Lapland jewelry making from a neighbor when she was a young girl.  Saami bracelets are traditionally made by the Saamis (Lapplanders) who are a semi nomadic tribal group residing in the Arctic.  They are crafted with traditional pewter thread invented by the Saamis specifically for a unique embroidery and braiding technique.  The thread is braided and then carefully hand sewn onto a strong, durable and soft reindeer hide, which has been vegetable tanned.  The button clasp is crafted out of salvaged reindeer antlers.  Erika now lives in the Bay Area and her traditional Scandinavian jewelry embodies a unique blend of Nordic handicraft and modern simplicity.  A classic birthday or confirmation gift, the Saami bracelet is beautiful for all occasions and stacks nicely on the wrist.  Sold Individually. 

Approximately 6½”-7” long  

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