Sailing Ship Kite - White


An intricately designed sailing ship kite, counters the rapid digitization of our lives with just a single, elemental gust of wind and brining us back to a slower more alert world. This is the mission of the Haptic Lab, a creative studio in Brooklyn driven to bring us more down to earth, honoring physical space and time, as well as quality artisan treasures.

These kites are made by hand in collaboration with Balinese artisans exclusively for Haptic Lab from locally-sourced bamboo and nylon, and made with traditional craft technique, honoring play and timelessness.  

Though functional, the ship kites also can be displayed indoors as a beautiful mobile. They measure approximately 26 x 28” and fly best in a very strong wind, on a beach or hilltop.

Ships flat in a sturdy kraft envelope. Each kite comes with basic kite twine and easy-to-use assembly instructions; you can also reference our handy KITE ASSEMBLY VIDEO!

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