Wooden Spoon


Park woodshop is the brainchild of sculptor Park Swan and yoga instructor Leslie McConnaughey. As a couple they partner gracefully on the business. He is the creator and designer and she wears many hats including marketing and sales. Park's expertly sculpted wooden tools are beautiful individually, or as a group. They are meant to be treasured, used and grow a patina from daily love.

This stirring spoon is tried and true. Each spoon has been crafted, sanded and oiled individually by hand. Each piece goes through 4-5 cycles of soaking, drying, and hand sanding before the final oiling. This process insures the spoon won't get rough or grainy after daily use. Chose between either black walnut, or sugar maple, the carved ring makes for easy hanging storage near your stove or workspace. 

Sold individually.


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