Hartland Brooklyn Card Co. - Brooklyn, NY May 20 2013, 0 Comments

When we meet with artists and makers, we never know what to expect.  But when we arrived at Emily Johnson's little studio in a brownstone in Cobble Hill, we were delighted and amazed.  We walked into a living room wrapped in white walls with a graphic and gilded triangle pattern that Emily illustrated herself.  I was amazed at the beauty simplicity of her eclectic design sensibility.  It is a tasteful and sparsely decorated little home studio with a light-well alcove containing the tiniest little desk you've ever seen.  Now if you know me, you know I love anything miniature and have always been fascinated as long as I can remember by all things small.  The thought that first came to mind when looking at the tiny toile papered alcove... "How do such amazingly creative cards come out of such a tiny space?"  Known for her labor-intensive hand-painted neon designs and metallic foil prints, Emily is not limited by her space and she doesn't hesitate to spread out and use every possible surface to work when producing a large order.  Emily's passion for her work is contagious which makes us even more in love with these cards as they are each a unique work of art.  See some of her adorably original designs here:  Cactus  //  Tulips  //  Fly Me To The Moon  //  Roll With Me  //  Silver Balloons  //  Arrows .  Now and then wish that we were back in Brooklyn with Emily and her cats Henry and Larry listening to Beach Boys records on a rainy day.  We hope to be return soon!