Honey & Turmeric Facial Mask - For Glowing Summer Skin July 08 2015

Do you ever find out about a secret that's just too good to keep? Well this one just can't be kept quiet anymore. 

One of our favorite uses for our Wild Sage Honey is as a main ingredient in a homemade facial mask that can help reduce inflammation, acne, blemishes, and reduce scarring as well as provide the skin with antioxidant properties and anti-redness. This mask can also help with rosacea, wrinkles and fine lines. Sounds like a miracle right? Turmeric and Honey masks have been used in ancient Chinese and ayurvedic Indian Medicine and when used often can really provide amazing complexion results.

Try mixing:

(Optional squeeze of lemon for slight skin lightening)

Mix together and apply to clean dry face (don't forget to put it under your eyes). Leave for at least 20 minutes and keep clear of any clothing as turmeric does stain.

Rinse completely with warm water. Your face might be slightly and temporarily yellow sort of like an "oompa loompa" or Bart Simpson so be sure to use a toner afterwards to reduce the look of yellow skin. Use up to three times a week. See results after a few weeks.

Enjoy the glow!