Wild Sage Honey


On the quiet Jalama Road in Lompoc California, there is a family farm stand run by a collective of women who strive to build community in the valley by teaching neighbors and passers by about heirloom growing, living off the land, and doing things the old way.  This honey is bottled on the Pata family ranch, who have been harvesting beans and running cattle on Jalama Road since 1912.  

This gorgeous 3 lb bottle of Wild Sage Honey (raw and unfiltered) is courtesy of the honey bees that visit the Jalama Valley and transport their nectar back to the hive while pollinating crops on their way.  The bottle is re-usable and the label is beautifully hand letter pressed   Honey is a traditional housewarming gift bestowing the sweetness of life on new inhabitants of a home.  It is also a traditional wedding gift in some European cultures, hence the term "honeymoon".  

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