Mast Brothers Chocolate


Rick and Michael Mast are brothers from Iowa who began experimenting with chocolate making in their Williamsburg apartment. Rick was a former chef at The Gramercy Tavern and Soho House and was able to play with recipes. Together they created a cult following among family and friends before opening their Brooklyn factory and shop. Today their handmade, bean-to-bar chocolate is made in small batches and is revered by chefs including Dan Barber and Thomas Keller for its purity and elegant tasting notes.  

At the forefront of the American craft chocolate movement the mast brothers made headlines when they sailed twenty metric tons of cacao beans harvested in the Dominican Republic to New York in a three masted schooner sail boat. It was the first commercial import by schooner to the Port of NY since 1939.

Each bar is 2.5 oz and hand wrapped with exquisite custom papers.

Almonds – Organic almonds from the Anderson Farm in California headline this classic. Almonds are roasted in Frankies Olive Oil and seasoned with Maine Sea Salt. 73% Cacao.

Stumptown Coffee – Freshly roasted, seasonal coffees are put under the stone with our dark chocolate. Buttery texture with crisp notes of fruit and tobacco. 73% Cacao. 

Sea Salt –  Our sea salt is from the mystic coast of Maine, created using solar salt houses. This salt puts a magnifying glass to this complex, berry-foward cacao. 73% Cacao.

Vanilla & Smoke – Smoked cacao form Papua New Guinea and bourbon vanilla bean from Madagascar are slowly stone-ground over the course of days and then aged. 71% Cacao. 

Peru - From the rugged rainforests of northern Peru, this bar epitomizes elegance. Tasting notes of cinnamon, lime, and molasses. 75% Cacao.

Madagascar - This organic cacao is sourced from a single farm in Madagascar’s northwest coast. Bold, with notes of blood orange, raspberry and red wine. 75% Cacao.

Cow's Milk - 60% Cacao made with smooth sheep's milk and tasting notes of hazelnut, caramel and strawberry.

Sheep's Milk - 60% Cacao made with tart sheep's milk and tasting notes of fig, mushroom, and walnut.

Goat's Milk - 60% Cacao made with sweet goat's milk and tasting notes of lemon curd, thyme and toasted meringue.

Coffee – Milk chocolate ground with freshly roasted coffee beans

Olive Oil – Dark chocolate blended with cold pressed olive oil

Dark – Signature dark chocolate blend

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