Marfa Brand Soaps - Marfa, TX June 12 2013

It was a quiet Monday in Marfa when we had the opportunity to meet with Ginger Griffice (and her poodle Lenny Bruce).  Ginger is a classically trained mixologist of essential oils and a self-taught natural soap-maker with a company she started in Marfa called "Marfa Brand".  Her products are nothing short of divine.  Almost edible in scent, these bars are nearly otherworldly.  She has a small collection of naturally fragranced soaps that she dreams up and makes in her studio.

While we visited we discussed her dream of having a little retail space in her studio and as we kicked around ideas of layout and customer experience, Lenny Bruce quietly laid at our feet.  Ginger loves what she does and above all seems to love what Marfa symbolizes––a place where folks can live, do what they love, and let things fall into place naturally.  All small town gossip aside, it's pretty near the perfect place to thrive as an artist and maker.  Ginger has a great passion for her craft and is experimenting with new potions and ways to develop her products in the future.  While we chatted, she mixed me a custom face oil for the dry Texas weather.  

When we had to part, Ginger got out a little treat for Lenny.  He literally told us "I Love You."  Lenny Bruce, The Dog Who Talks.  Just another cool thing about Marfa.  So check out Ginger's soaps and try a bar.