Crescent Spine Ring - Odette, NY

$99.00 $138.00

Odette New York is a Brooklyn-based jewelry line inspired by organic and industrial shapes, natural specimens, uncommon artifacts, and primitive forms; made using ancient and modern wax carving techniques and hand fabrication.

With an emphasis on artistry and craft, each design begins from a pencil sketch that is carefully translated by hand into wax like a small-scale sculpture before being cast into recycled sterling silver or brass. Designer and maker Jennifer Sarkilahti is known for her hand-textured surfaces and use of highly polished brass as a signature to the collection.

We love the length of this ring and it's hand textured surface which gives it intricacy. This detail is softened by its curvy lines. Comes in a beautiful polished brass finish. (Choose between size 6 or 7).

Read more about our play date with Jennifer and see exclusive photos on our Journal


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