Le Feu De L'Eau Votive Candle


The Le Feu De L’Eau votives are miniature representations of the best selling fragranced soy candles developed by a couple of friends in LA., Jo Strateli and Wendy Polish. Friends for almost 20 years, they recently collaborated to launch a luxury candle label  based on a larger burnable product that Wendy’s father began developing in the 1960’s. The idea of her father’s “fantasy candle” began as an elaborate fine art project using water as a sculpting organic mold.  Today their candles have a global following. These little votives are hand poured with the same amazing, intoxicating fragrances and wax blend used in the larger water molded pillars, filling your rooms with the same amazing scents in a more discreet shot glass.

Soy wax filling; natural fragrance
Burn time approx: 17 hrs
2.85 oz / 80 g

VertFig Leaf / Fig / Vetiver / Fig Tree

PecheBitter Orange / Mandarin / Orange Blossom / Tonka Bean / Musk

ChartreuseCedar / Sandalwood / Greens / Frankincense / Musk

IvoirePatchouli / Amber / Musk / Vetiver

Profond Rose: Tuberose / Jasmine / Gardenia / Lilly / Orange Blossom / Sandalwood / Vetiver / Musk

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