Lite + Cycle Candles


LITE+CYCLE creator, Kristi Head is uniquely interested in shifting people’s perspectives and introducing new ways of approaching traditional ideas. She wanted to create a natural candle designed and based on a standard of A BONAFIDE GOOD®, which is defined as a product, object or commodity that is created with an artful cadence, an ethical approach and a valued intention always keeping social accountability in mind.

The vessel-less, all essential oil candles are simply the best luminaries money can buy. Made uniquely with renewable biodegradable materials and plant-only ingredients. L+C candles are 100% botanical with pure essential oils, NON-GMO vegetable waxes and a single cotton wick. No chemicals, lead, dyes, paraffin or synthetics ever. Entirely made by hand in the USA.

Bergamot: High + Happy. A fragrant citrus fruit with an effervescent and enlivening scent. Cultivated in Italy without pesticides or chemical fertilizers our bergamot oil is cold-pressed for safe aromatherapy.

Lavender: Slow + Quiet. Named for its official medical use and narrow leaf, of the 38+ lavender species, this one one is prized for its rich fragrance. A scent that calms and eases the mind. Cultivated in France without pesticides or chemical fertilizers our lavender oils are steam distilled for safe aromatherapy.

Vetiver: Comfort + Depth. A thin tall grass whose roots can grow deeper than some trees. The oil distilled from the roots yields a deep earth scent that is grounding and harmonizing. Cultivated in Haiti without pesticides or chemical fertilizers our vetiver oil is steam distilled for safe aromatherapy.

Urban Forest: Bold + Free. A blend of American wild-grown cedar, with notes of fennel, fir and a hint of coffee for unfettered aromatherapy. Inspired by the wildlife and quietude found in urban forests, an oasis in the center of the urban clamor. The interplay hits the perfect balance between zen-appeal and metropolitan exhilaration. This blend of essential oils is derived from plants that are cultivated without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Extracted using steam distillation, for pure and healthy aromatherapy. Safe for you and the earth.

**Always burn your pillar candle in a dish or tray (we suggest this one) and preferably for no more than 3 hours at a time – to maintain longevity. Plentiful with essential oils, natural spots may appear on outer paper-wrap from time to time. To best preserve the packaging and avoid any melting store out of direct sun and heat.


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