Clay Pour-Over Coffee Dripper


Ryan Lee bakes bread in our hometown of San Francisco for a well known bakery. On the side, he throws utilitarian pottery. He strives to make beautiful and cozy pieces that fit nicely in the hand, look pleasing on the countertop, and that will be treasured for years to come.

Rich brown clay meets rustic matte creamy white glaze for a contrasty look. No one piece is "perfect" or the exact same size. Enjoy the natural appeal or variation from piece to piece. Simply heat your water (approx. 300g), add desired amount of coffee grinds (approx. 18g) to slightly dampened filter (V60 filter is preferred), and begin the process of pouring over water slowly. Produces a rich and bold cup of coffee. 

Sold Individually.

4.5" wide, 3.5" tall

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