Fermentation Crock


Potter Colin Dyck worked on various farms in the US and Europe fostering an appreciation for small-scale food production and the art of fermenting. His search for his own crock came up short, so he decided to make one.

A classic 4.5 liter fermentation crock, hand madeĀ and high-fired with a durable glaze. Each crock comes with a ceramic weight, used to submerge your ferment in brine, protecting it from mold growth. This is a European-style crock with a lid and water lock, ideal for fermenting kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, miso and many more delicious things. Kombucha is best fermented in an open-top crock because the process requires oxygen. It is possible to make Kombucha with a water lock crock by leaving the lid off, and covering the crock instead with a clean kitchen towel.

Probiotic rich foods balance digestive enzymes so you can absorb your food better.

Dishwasher safe.

11.25" tall

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