MCMC Perfume Oil - Phoenix


Perfumer Anne McCain studied natural aromatherapy at the Grasse Institute in the south of France and went on to blend her own line of fragrances under her brand MCMC.  She mixes and bottles her own fragrances by hand in her Brooklyn studio in small batches and her fragrances reflect memories and moments and therefore are layered and deep.  Sold individually.

Phoenix - The scent is about a girl Anne knows. With fair skin and light blond hair, she’s ethereal and beautiful like a mythical fire bird. When she calls her she does not come, but she floats in and out of her life.  With top notes of peach and cherry blossom, gradually giving way to sturdy Tunisian neroli and a light, powdery vanilla.

Read more about our studio visit with Anne and see exclusive photos on our Journal

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